Thursday, February 28, 2008

No Turning Back Now!

Well I am all signed up!! I submitted my registration for the half-marathon! It kind of seems real now! Yikes!! Still hoping I can pull it off! I also signed up for two local races. One is a 5K on March 29th and the other is a 10K in April. I think that will help me realize what I am getting myself into! Training gets a little easier everyday! Getting on the treadmill doesn't seem like such a chore! I am hoping to run outside this weekend!! Saturday we are supposed to make it to 58! That is nice enough for me!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Finally . . .

I am finally starting to feel better!! It has been a week since I came down with that nasty stuff!! Now I am just trying to fight off a cold. Once that is gone I will be a lot better!! We had a very busy weekend! We spent Saturday at the Children's Museum with my cousin and her little girl Halle. We had a great time! Here is a picture of Halle and Kelsey with their fire hats on.

On Saturday we also celebrated my nephew Isaac's 7th Birthday!! They grow up so fast!! We went to dinner at his favorite spot and then on Sunday went to Lost in Fun. I think he had a great birthday. Happy Birthday Isaac!

I made it back to the gym last night. It was supposed to be a stretch and strengthen day! However, since I had not been to the gym since last Sunday I decided I better jump right back into things. While watching the Millon Dollar Mission Deal or No Deal I was able to run a couple of miles! It felt pretty good but I could tell that I did not have the strength I did before the influenza hit me. Tonight I will go for three miles and see how it goes!!

Here is a picture of my other nephew Eli! He is so funny!! He eats and eats and eats!! He was so funny at Isaac's birthday dinner!!

Thursday, February 14, 2008


Well, Happy Valentine's Day!! We will be spending Valentine's day at home! On Tuesday Kelsey and I both tested positive for influenza. On Monday night I started feeling really sick. My dad came and picked up Kelsey since I was feeling so horrible and I went right to bed. I didn't sleep well at all! I tossed and turned all night. Tuesday morning as my dad was taking Kelsey to daycare she got sick! So we headed to the doctor for a positive influenza test. Because it is so contagious they gave us medication and my parents some medication. Unfortunately my brother who was only around us on Sunday for a short time has come down with the nasty stuff as well!! I don't wish this upon any one!!! We are finally on the mend but will spend today at home just to rest up and try and get some strength back!!

What does this do for my training?!?!? It SUCKS!! I will basically start from scratch! Because I have been so sick I have lost all my strength and I feel very weak and run down every time I do something! It will take a few days to get back to where I was. I will try and head back to the gym on Saturday and do a little work. Hopefully by next week I will be in full training again!!

Have a good day and Happy Valentine's Day from Kelsey and I!

Monday, February 11, 2008

Let the Fun Begin!

At least they make the first day of training easy!! Stretch and strengthen! I can handle that!! I have all my clothes with me so I can just go and work out after work! It will be a tough week training! My husband is out of town on a work trip so I will have to take Kelsey to my parents and then work out, pick her up and then head home! I have also thought about re-doing Kelsey's room this week! I don't know if I can do my first week of training, keep the house clean AND paint her room!! I might give it a try though!!!

Friday, February 08, 2008

Tough Night at the Gym!

Last night sucked! I had a hard time staying motivated to stay at the gym for longer than 10 minutes! Problem . . . the TV in front of me was NOT working!! When I am running I need something to keep my attention. I didn't take my iPod in because I wanted to watch TV. I took my headset to tune in the TV. Then it didn't work! So I tried to turn on a couple radio stations . . . they wouldn't come in either!!! Grrr . . . So needless to say it was tough! I did make it 20 minutes on the eliptical and 15 on the treadmill! Go me! Today I will take the day off! Happy Friday!

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Yes, I am CRAZY!

Well here it goes! Let me just tell you a little bit about myself! I have always been an athlete. Growing up I played softball, basketball and volleyball. I played four years of softball in college and have always been in pretty good shape! One thing though, I HATE running! I hate every second of it! But for some reason I have come up with this bright idea! How about I run the half marathon! I needed a reason to get back to the gym! I have been slacking. If I have something to work toward I have to make myself go. So here it goes! You can follow my journey through this training as I work towards this accomplishment. I know that no one thinks I will or can! That gives me even more motivation to do it! I have been working out the last three weeks to get ready for the training! Hold onto your hats! The official training starts on February 11th!! In the meantime, you can look at some cute pictures of Kelsey! Her dad took her sledding last night! I couldn't get him to take the camera with him so here are some pre-sledding pictures!