Sunday, September 28, 2008

Go Big Red!

Thanks to a friend at work I was able to purchase tickets to the big Husker game this weekend! My brother and I went for the full experience and went early for a tailgate and also headed downtown for a drink. The seats were great, the weather was perfect and I enjoyed spending time with my brother. Even though the Huskers lost we still had a lot of fun. Had they played well from the start of the game we may have seen a different result!
We had our tickets. . .
We had our tickets to a tailgate . . .

Good company . . .


Sunday, September 21, 2008

Congratulations Dustin and Jen!

It has been awhile since we have been to a wedding! Kelsey was very excited at the thought of dancing! I told her about the wedding on Thursday and she informed me she was going to "party like a rockstar"! That she did!!!! From the time she walked into the reception she was on the go! She loved dancing and making friends! At one point she became really upset. When I finally found out was wrong I couldn't help but laugh. She was mad because there were too many people dancing! She wanted to be the only one on the "stage"! Very funny!!! We stayed pretty late but she did great! She fell asleep at 10:45 while dancing with her dad! We had a great time and are very happy for Dustin and Jen!

This is a picture of me and my dad!
Kelsey dancing with my brother!
Kelsey stealing a dance from the groom!
Dustin even gave her a little "dip" at the end of their dance!Troy and Dustin are really good friends. Troy was very honored to be his Best Man. Troy did a great job at his toast as well!! Yay Troy!
I love my brother!
What post would be complete without a picture of Kelsey and I? Of course I took this one!
Kelsey instantly made friends and started dancing!

Friday, September 19, 2008


We had a great time last night at Disney on Ice!! Thanks again to Jodee for driving! The show was really good and I am even more excited for Disneyworld in 23 short days!!! This was a small preview of the fun we are going to have!!

Here Kelsey and I are just waiting for the show to start!

Maddy, Kelsey and Carson at intermission. Aren's they sweet?This is a picture of the pirates. We were on our way home and Kelsey kept wanting me to guess her favorite part. I kept guessing and guessing. I could not figure out what it would be. After about 10 minutes of her telling me to think harder about it she whispered that it was the Pirate part! They were really good but I thought for sure she would pick a princess!
Couldn't do a Disney post without Minne! This is how Kelsey sat the entire show! Can you say she was in awe?

Kelsey and Geoff at intermission.

We had a great time! I see another road trip in our future!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Babysitting Luke!

Kelsey and I got to babysit Luke all day on Saturday! We had so much fun and were so happy to have him!! He is a very good baby and didn't cry at all!! I recently bought some Halloween clothes and Kelsey found the present I had for Luke. She just had to try it on him! I helped her get it over his head but she wanted to snap it! She is quite the little helper!

Luke is growing up so fast!!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Busy, Busy, Busy!!!

As evidenced by the lack of posting we have been VERY busy!!!! Kelsey started a new gymnastics class last week and absolutely loves it! She has that one night a week. This week she also started school!! Yes, school!!!! She is growing up way too fast!!!!!! She is very excited about being in school and had a great first day!!! When we went to open house she told me I could leave because she wanted to make friends!! I am already cramping her style! Yikes! Yesterday was her first day by herself and she did great!!! Only complaint she had was she didn't like the juice at snack. If that is all she complains about that is fine with me! I know some of you are ready for some more picture so here you go!!

Kelsey getting ready to walk into school!
Kelsey forgetting I was even standing there and heading to the rug for circle time.
Posing in her little gymnastics outfit! She LOVES the sports bra because she said she likes her tummy showing! OH NO!!! Not at this age already???

Wednesday, September 03, 2008


Last weekend we found ourselves at the Nebraska State Fair. After how much fun Kelsey had at the fair in Grand Island we were not going to miss this fair!!! She just glows the whole time and doesn't have a fear of anything!!! She would ride the rides for hours, well I guess she did ride for hours!! I preferred the fair in Grand Island only because there were not as many options when it came to riding rides! She is pretty brave and wasn't scared of anything! Her little friend Logan was there as well and was able to join Kelsey on some of the rides! She had a GREAT time!! I also had a lot of fun as the whole family went. Geoff's mom was also in town and joined us!
Here is Kelsey and Logan on the car ride! It was probably one of the favorites! It made me very nervous as the cars just whipped around the corners!! However, she wasn't scared and would put her hands in the air for each corner and then just giggle after they sped around the corner!! It was so cute! I could have watcher her on this ride all day!!! She is riding with her friend Logan in this picture!
Isaac was nice enough to ride the roller coster with Kelsey! She liked this one so much she went a couple of times! Love the mega-pass bracelets!
Kelsey and Eli waiting in line for a ride! Aren't they adorable holding hands?!?
Guess who loved the swings?? Yep, Kelsey!
Can't go to a fair without riding the carousel! She didn't want me to ride it with her. When I said I had too she said that was fine but just to stand there! I was not allowed to touch her horse! Why is she growing up so fast? :(
This was the last ride of the night. They had a single ferris wheel that was all enclosed which she rode but as we were leaving she said she just wanted to ride this one!! Are you serious?? Geoff hates most rides, well he hates the fair why would he like the rides, so I had no choice but to take her! She loved this one as well! She kept saying how she could see so much of the city and how she liked the lights from the fair!
Overall the fair was a great experience!!! I am sure we will be back next year!!!